WAVE-air manual

The WAVE-air bicycle pump is ready to go, right out of the box. No electricity needed. Bolt it onto the existing surface or use one of our optional embedment modules for extra stability and  security. 

Open the attached "Installation guide" below to see how easy it is.

The stainless steel reinforced pump hose is designed for outdoor use and can to take years of wear and tear. Our specially designed pump mechanisms uses a pump cylinder that was designed  for firefighters or emergency workers to pump up airbags for lifting cars or walls etc. 

WAVE air hose

Our pumps come in an automatic as well as a manual version. Each pump includes the robust WAVE air hose and the multi-valve nozzle that can fill virtually any known bicycle tire in the cycling universe.

No more stumbling over the air hose either, when finished filling your tire, just let the air hose go. No need for setting it back into position because it always hangs downwards. Convenient, yes?

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