FLOW:compact is a modern and space saving parking solution that not only will keep your bike dry but secure as well.

compact and maintenance free

FLOW:compact cycle parking and shelter has room for 16 bikes. Our solution is so space efficient (0,48 square meters per cycle) that you can fit the whole shelter into a single car parking space. That’s why we call it compact. And because there are no moving parts, our solution is virtually maintenance free.

keep your bike snug and dry

We didn’t compromise with comfort either. FLOW:compact will keep your bike dry with its built-in gutter and integrated down spout, rainwater will be diverting away from the roof into the ground. No need to cycle home on a soggy bike.

secure parking, naturally

On return you can be assured that you bike won’t only be dry but where you left it too. Like all cycle spaces products we make a special effort to make sure you can lock your bike securely as well. FLOW:compact is no exception, you can lift your bike up onto the upper section without twisting your back and you can lock it securely without crawling in between all the other bikes.{gallery}WAVE-light{/gallery}

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