The idea behind WAVE-curl was to create a construction that expresses both lightness and strength –floating like a wave on the ocean.


WAVE-curl is a single sided bicycle shelter with a light and timeless design that fits well into urban spaces. WAVE-curl isn't just for bikes, it can be used for other applications i.e. as a shelter for waste bins or as a smoking shelter.

when one WAVE isn't enough

WAVE-curl bicycle shelter isn't an enclosure, no need for claustrophobia here. Out in the open but still protected from the elements. The bicycle shelter can be configured as a double version, either back to back or overlapping each other.

more bicycles pr. m²

As an option the bicycle shelter is offered with our exclusive WAVE-rack bicycle rack. The integrated bicycle rack has been optimized to be a compact bicycle parking solution. WAVE-rack is compatible with all types of bicycle tires and provides a secure and convenient way to lock your bike.

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