The cornerstone of the WAVE series of cycle convenience products is WAVE-rack bicycle parking.

 The flexible, affordable and adaptable solution for convenient cycling.

By staggering handlebars it is possible to achieve a more compact parking solution without compromising ease of access or locking. Because there are no moving parts to break or wear out, our WAVE-rack bicycle parking solution is virtually maintenance free.

The support arms of the WAVE-rack can either be molded with vulcanized rubber, Polyurethane foam or powder coated. Your choice of RAL colors are available on request.

As a member of the WAVE family of bicycle parking solutions the WAVE-air bicycle pump can be incorporated in the end of the WAVE-rack.

WAVE comes in all sizes, well at least in different lengths to accompany up to 40 bikes in one rack. Add as many lengths as you need to fill up your available parking area.


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