Our rack4bikes bicycle rack is a super compact solution that compares favorably to other two-tiered systems. Each bicycle takes up less than ½ square meter!

You can fit 16 cycle parking places inside the area of a single car parking space. All that goodness in an attractive design that won’t turn your space into galvanized-steel-purgatory.

While rack4bikes affords a parking density similar to other parking solutions in two levels, rack4bikes has no moving parts and therefore virtually maintenance free.

ease of use

Every bike can be easily and securely locked to rack4bikes, no more crawling in between bikes to find a place to secure your bike. No more awkward, twisting while lifting. No more twisting, shoving or pushing involved.

You lift your bike on to the second level from an ergonomically correct position. On return you retrieve your bike again without bending over another bike and you unlock it just as easily. Convenient!

Convenient cycling without the awkward gymnastics!


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