WAVE-stream water station

Your water bottle needs topping up? Or do you just want to get some more mileage out of your store-bought bottled water?


Are you thirsty? It’s only natural. Take a drink of water. No need to buy bottled water, fill your own bottle up with fresh water.

accessibility and convenience

Whether you are running, riding or walking, quenching your thirst is a fundamental human need. Unfortunately, we often face the lack of access to clean water and have to settle with bottled water.

By investing in the exclusive designed bottle filling stations from Cycle Spaces, municipalities are able to provide fresh drinking water in the urban space all year round.

user needs and requirements

In designing our water stations we have taken user needs and requirements into consideration as well as those of municipalities. Bottle filling stations must be reliable, robust, hygienic and easy to maintain. In addition to this, the solutions must look good and blend in.

listen to the environment

Water stations are a positive contribution to our environment because we can eliminate using bottled water altogether. From an environmental point of view, filling your own reusable bottle is the responsible thing to do. And because our solutions were designed for filling water-bottles they are super convenient as well.

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