care4bikes bicycle service station is an all in one solution for maintaning your bicycle. care4bikes includes an air pump and two multi-tools.

WAVE-air manual pump

Use the built in WAVE-air manual pump to keep your tires at the right pressure. The WAVE-air hose includes a pump nozzle that will accept all 3 of the most common tire valves. This covers 99% of bicycle tires in the known universe.


Two multi-tools are included to help to fix or adjust about anything on your bike. The stainless steel multi-tool is attached to a robust cable that is counter weighted. This assures that the multi-tool will always return to it's protected niche.

two users at once

The two arms on the side of  of the service station can be set at two different heights allowing comfortable and ergonomicly correct working height for adults as well as children.


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